gMore good stimulation! hhSpirit and energy before the public performance!hI want to do a space trip!h cFor such guests, we have the special hot version, too.
Ÿ Awakening (kakusei)/ Meditation (meisou)/ Ecstasy (monzetu)
‘ An Introduction to experience the world of the mystic hotness of MAGICSPICE..Even child and an elderly person can challenge it without worry.Please enjoy a difference and a flavor of the hotness.

Ÿ Nirvana (nehan)/ Paradise (gokuraku)
‘ The soul of the curry of MAGICSPICE for the people whom this demands hotness, stimulation & something exceptional from.
If you are confident in hotness or you are the traveler from the distant place ,please try it by all means from these stages.

Ÿ Raputa (tenkuu)/ Aum air (kokuu)
‘ Natural "rainbow" Trip to dazzling the world of the mystic hotness.
These hotness may fly anyone to the space of aumair unconditionally.

š As hotness comes close in Aum air, richness & sharpness of spice and chili improves .
š The ingredients such as vegetables are increased in quantity from Nirvana.
š Mysterious ultra-hotness which made use of an Asian flavor . It is not merely hot .
š The departure to Nirvana / Aum air is " the flavor hot taste shift " from Indonesia to Thailand.