Enjoy the first Soup Curry in Japan that lets a heart,  a body, DNA awake for the 21st century !!!

The Soup Curry which was widely known now all over Japan was created in Sapporo of Hokkaido. The roots of the curry of MAGICSPICE is Indonesia, and MAGICSPICE is the first specialty restaurant in Japan.
While it is light(not oily) like Japanese food, it is rich & sharp. Then the wonderful medicinal properties which the spice has are easy to be taken in effectively. This is a big characteristic of Soup Curry. In Southeast Asia, the spicy soup food is very popular. "Eating well for optimum health"... it is natural to aim at the making of healthy body which is hard to become sick. The Soup Curry will give spirit and energy to people living in the earth of the terminal symptom and the city such as the desert. The mysterious power that is included in spice and chili does not only act on a body effectively. It lets DNA activate and draws potence and may let the transmission speed of the synapse accelerate...!

Chicken ...\950
Pork ...\1030
Beef ...\1100
Seafood ...\1150
Hamburger Steak ...\1100
Momo (Nepalese gyoza) ...\1000

...and more!!
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limited Soup Curry, too.