Dear the first guest

The curry of the totally new type that the curry of MAGISPA makes a clear distinction from so-called genera curry such as Indian curry and the Western-style currycIt is "soup curry".

The magical mystery world represented in this place is an original of MAGISPA. cA system, a form, a flavor, wave motioncAll is an MAGISPA original thing, and it is finished space.

And it is becoming the new food culture of the departure from Sapporo.

In addition to the curry, please choose a favorite combination from many kinds of toppings and seven levels of the delicate, deep hotness. Surely you will experience the pleasure of creating a mandala of the taste. cIt is one of the powerful charm of MAGISPA.

I'm hoping you'll throw away old measure(such as a fixed idea, an established concept) and then have a holy trip into The unknown world of the spice.